Darkfire Heroes - Game trailer

Immersive soundscaping, foley and SFX work along with music edit, VO record and full mix for the Darkfire Heroes game trailer. This one is action-packed, and was a huge amount of fun to work on!

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Seedlip - "We are nature" ad campaign

This beautiful film tells the brand story of alcohol-free spirit Seedlip, focussing on Nature and human connection. I worked on soundscaping, SFX, VO processing and full mix to bring the visuals to life.

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Angry Birds Reloaded - Game announcement trailer

A teaser trailer for the reboot of hugely successful game franchise Angry Birds.

Working with Angry Birds was a unique job, as there are so many well known character & in-game sounds, so I utilised a brand-SFX pack as well as external sounds to capture the action of the visuals.

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Williams F1 2021 - Season opener

The season opener film for Williams F1 racing team in 2021. This was a great project to stretch my dynamic work, with plenty of light and shade and tons of action - including lots of spatial work.

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Hamilton Watches - "Earn your patina" campaign

As a long-time fan of the brand and an owner of a Hamilton watch, this was a massively exciting project to be a part of. The campaign is tongue-in-cheek and very lighthearted which was unexpected for a watch brand and proved a great fun challenge. Lots of soundscape work here, along with foley, VO and full mix.

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