EY - "The Future of Healthcare"

An informative film for EY on technology advancements in healthcare, and predictions for how they will shape the future of preventative medicine and wellness.

This was a progressive music composition job, moving along in stages as the narrative and film edit was worked on. Of course usually film is locked before audio will start, but in this instance the music and visuals developed hand-in-hand, allowing for greater nuance in tone. At nearly nine minutes of VO-heavy content it was a welcome challenge! Also for this project I took care of VO record, SFX and full mix.

Copyright RD Content.

Homefire - "Heart of Your Home" campaign

TV ad campaign for Homefire showcasing their product range; broadcast through the winter from 2019 - present.

Music by Robby Stone & Muchas Music.

Restaurant Kits - "The Ribinator"

Music composition, sound design, VO processing and mix on an advertising campaign for 'The Ribinator' - a premium burger offered by cook-at-home company Restaurant Kits on behalf of Tom Griffiths and Flank.